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OK John I couldn’t wait, so I tried it out now, this is what I did.  It installed for me, no problem, only took a couple of minutes.

Here are the basic steps I took:

  1. Created a new sub-domain, wp (
  2. Downloaded wordpress and unzipped the files (version 2.7.1 right from home page)
  3. Uploaded my wordpress file to the server
  4. Created a version 4 MySql database
    1. Create a user for the database
  5. Followed the “Famous 5-minute install” instructions located on this page.
    1. Edited the wp-config.php file as instructed in 5-minute install and the file itself.
  6. Once I did that ran, Http://
    1. -That opened to a page, I entered the blog name and my email address, and clicked install.
  7. A few moments later I was greeted with a success page and my admin username and password.

If you like you can look at it here:

Hey look, ASP.NET has made it’s first live-supported release!  This is great!

I have been using the MVC pattern for a good 8 months now and I just love it.  It just makes so much sence to the way I think. Sure there is a learning curve to get started with ASP.NET MVC, whatever, it’s worth the trip.

I read about it here first.  Phil Haack wrote about the release.
You can get the release from here.

Remember if you have a previous version of ASP.NET MVC loaded, you will have to unistall it first.  A short time ago, Phil Haack, Scott Hanselman, Rob Conery, and ScottGu release a FREE tutorial to MVC, as a fist “Chapter” to their upcomming book, ASP.NET MVC 1.0.



These are great, from a software engineering point of view.

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