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I learned something new over the last week which I not exactly sure of the benefit of.  Probably because I still not entirely sure on how it is implemented.

It seems that in IIS7 that the default functionality is that the web.config in the root website is inherited to the child webs.

Of course I found this the hard way.  I changed to a new web host and while setting up my base sites I wanted to try out a few new applications.  I setup Umbraco under a sub-domain and played around with that for a while and remembered Orchard from MVConf.  I setup a virtual directory, /orchard, and loaded up the site.

I kept receiving 500 errors when going to the site.  There was a whole round of support emails around figuring out where the errors where steaming from.  Once I found out I learned about the IIS7 inheritance.

For starters I want to list the ways I found to disable the inheritance and then move on to how this could be useful.  (Man it’s always something)

First was the instructions from the Arvixe staff (which I think they found on SO)

<location path="." inheritInChildApplications="false">     <system.web>      ...     </system.web> </location> 

There is also three examples in the IIS.NET bog:

  1. You can set the enableConfigurationOverride attribute to false for an application pool
  2. allowSubDirConfig=false (as above)
  3. inhertInChildApplications property

I haven’t tried all of these yet.  If you have leave a comment on how it well worked. It seems this functionality is enabled when the AppPool is set Integrated mode.

I just read one suggestion to use <clear /> what was inherited in certain sections.

Now for some reasoning on why this functionality was added

For now I just have this link from ASP.NET MSDN library.  It starts out with:

“You can distribute ASP.NET configuration files throughout your application directories to configure ASP.NET applications in an inheritance hierarchy. This structure allows you to achieve the level of configuration detail that your applications require at the appropriate directory levels without affecting configuration settings at higher directory levels.”

I have some reading to do…

Update (8/14/2011):
Reading an informative article on, Understanding Sites, Applications, and Virtual Directories on IIS 7

The only problem I have with the article is that there absolutely no details on any of the information provided.  Yet it’s a good overview of what they have done in the new version.

Now here are the details I have been looking for:


IIS7 Configuration Reference on IIS.NET


Reading on…

After searching and searching for a new web host who can provide me with Windows 2008 server and decent number of MS SQL databases without breaking the bank (>$20 / mo.), I finally found one to sign up with and try out.  That company is Planet Small Business hosting, wish me luck!

5/1/[email protected]:
First thing to run into, is that it seems account setup is a manual (human-driven) process.  I couldn’t pay and keep going with the setup.  Just for the record, I finished my payment by 1600 on Friday, May 1, 2009.

5/1/[email protected]:
OK, Site was available in about 20 minutes, that is acceptable.  Well as long as it’s automated and I can set up stuff at 2am.

5/1/[email protected]:
45 minutes into this setup, and no email from them about the site.  I do have access to it though.  What are their DNS addresses, I can’t find them anywhere.

5/1/[email protected]:
I sent a ticket into tech support asking about DNS server address and email, and they replied in 10 minutes.  I sent this at 1805 and received it at 0614, that’s good response(!).  Once DNS propagates, I should be good to go.  With n0t getting the email, I wonder if Yahoo! has blacklisted them; it happens.
Well not in this case, the emails where in my junk folder, not sure how I missed them the first time. Oh well, one of these days I will learn how to use an email client.

5/1/[email protected]
The host uses a new version of Plesk.  Pretty easy finding things, speed is tolerable.  Now it’s just taking the time to configure the server and how they run things.  So far it’s looking OK.

5/1/[email protected]
Hey cool!  I have been a little bummed over the fact that PlanetSMB only allows one domain (unlimited aliases).  I was wondering how I was going to host all of my domains.  I wasn’t really interested in purchasing separate packages, as it would be a pain flipping between them.  Well I discovered it just now, their reseller plans support multiple domains, and at a fair price, and still with UNLIMITED MS SQL databases.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.

But before I get too excited here, I need to get my applications loaded up on the site and see how the run.

5/4/[email protected]
I have loaded up two of my ASP.NET MVC applications and they are both running perfectly.  One of the two uses SQL2008, and that is working great to.  I must say I like Plesk 9.2 a whole lot better than HELM 3.16, which is getting quite dated.  All the stuff available to me for $5 a month is just great.  If you are a .NET developer and need a place to throw your stuff, this is it.  The systems are ready to rock ‘n roll.

OK here is a big wtf they are pulling.  The mid level developer package I am using only allow 1 mailbox.  Yeah you read that correctly, one mailbox.  You can alias other email addresses to it, but still only one box.  Very, strange.  Even their reseller packages are pretty restricted on mailboxes.

There is no doubt, if service levels remain the same, I will move all my domains over to using a reseller package for multiple domain support.

5/26/2009: It’s been a few weeks I have been using PlanetSMB and everything is fine.  I setup a DotNetNuke portal pretty painlessly and haven’t had any issues with my .NET 3.5 sites.  I like the fact that I can setup a new database for whatever and not have to worry about running out of allotted databases.  Makes life much easier when your host doesn’t get in your way.

Come this August I will be moving all my domains from to PlanetSMB, as my account lapses in September.  I am planning for a happy future with my new host.

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