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I have been surprised Circuit City has lasted as long as they have.  They just didn’t keep with the times and their prices were just out of line.  I don’t think I have purchased anything from them in over 5 years.  Not that I haven’t looked, they just never had what I needed at a reasonable price.  Plus, Internet shopping is where most of my stuff comes from.

In the book Good To Great, Jim Collens profiled Circuit city as a well rounded solid company which had positive momentum.   I would real like to hear comments on them now.  When I read the book in 2006, many years after it was written, I didn’t see his appeal in the company, and I didn’t see them forging their way forward.  They where more hemorrhaging money and looking for a direction to keep afloat.  (Actually I have always wished he would write a followup book to show and explain where his profiled companies where and are today.)

Well now they are gone, or leaving anyway, and besides for all of the people who will be jobless I couldn’t be happier.

Adios Circuit City
This is brilliant:
The Downfall of Circuit City, In Convenient Graph Form

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