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I have spent much of my professional career among the windows of MS Access.  No matter where I am working or what type of work I am doing, it just seems to follow me.  MS Access is surly one of the most important business application to ever hit the market.  I really don’t think too many people would argue that point.  Well, it’s great until you get big, but its a wonderful way to get there.

So tonight I spent a good 4 hours trying to export an MS Access report to RTF.  It wasn’t a complicated report by any means and it’s driving data source is pretty basic too.  Though for the life of me I could not print a clean report.  Either the lines would wrap in strange ways, or I would get blank pages, or the worst one, footer text landing on the next page.

I tried every grouping, ungrouping I could imagine, moved objects around and I just couldn’t get a clean report where footer text didn’t land on the next page.

What finally fixed my report is to leave some footer after the footer text objects.  About the same amount of space as the text objects themselves.  Once I did this, I did not experience footer text on the next page again.

It’s always something like this when working in MS Access.  You get real far in an app, and then hit some crazy snag that lays you up for some time.

Truly a love/hate relationship

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