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It feels a bit strange seeing the one plus terabyte drives roll out to the market.  It reminds me a lot of when the one plus gigabyte drives came out.  It all really seems the same: sizes, pricing, amazement.

I look at some drives sitting around my desk; removed some time ago do the the plowing of a machine (I prefer a new hdd over erasing a current one).  I look at a drive, 80GB hmm, that seems small.  Really, did I just think that–yes I did.  Simply because the 500GB drive I have installed now has plenty of space on it.  This is no different than when it was 80MB drive and I had that first 720 MB drive in my main machine.  This all really has the same smell.

Funny, even though I balked at that 80GB drive, I plugged it in to load up my Windows 7 beta.  You know what, there was more than enough room for Win7, VS2010, Office 2007, etc.

What are we doing with all this extra space we have on these drives?

My wife and I got some kid-free time today and went to see Julie & Julia.  I must say, a very, very good movie.  Meryl Streep better get some type of award for her performance, it was just wonderful.  I spent much of my childhood watching Julia Child, and Mrs. Streeps performance was so right on!

After the movie, we stopped of at a book store to look around do some browsing without having to chase kids around.  Something we did a lot of, pre-kids.  I couldn’t believe on how empty the bookshelves were.  Only two book sections for computer books.  Amazing, I guess everyone is going to on-line tutorials and buying their stuff from Amazon.  Perhaps a story for another time, I digress.

While looking through the cook books I found something interesting, “501 Must-drink Cocktails.”


So I have this intersting idea, to have 501 different cocktails in 365 days, and blog about my experience making and consuming the drinks.  My inebriated state could only help my writing I am sure.   What a perfect farce off of the movie.  It would sure make for an interesting time, nonetheless.

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