My wife and I got some kid-free time today and went to see Julie & Julia.  I must say, a very, very good movie.  Meryl Streep better get some type of award for her performance, it was just wonderful.  I spent much of my childhood watching Julia Child, and Mrs. Streeps performance was so right on!

After the movie, we stopped of at a book store to look around do some browsing without having to chase kids around.  Something we did a lot of, pre-kids.  I couldn’t believe on how empty the bookshelves were.  Only two book sections for computer books.  Amazing, I guess everyone is going to on-line tutorials and buying their stuff from Amazon.  Perhaps a story for another time, I digress.

While looking through the cook books I found something interesting, “501 Must-drink Cocktails.”


So I have this intersting idea, to have 501 different cocktails in 365 days, and blog about my experience making and consuming the drinks.  My inebriated state could only help my writing I am sure.   What a perfect farce off of the movie.  It would sure make for an interesting time, nonetheless.