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Rest in peace Paul Newman, thank you very much for entertaining us so well for so long.  You will be missed.

I really don’t understand it; why in the world has gasoline gone up 35 cents within the last week?  Sure you are going to say, because of Ike; but Texas contains 20% of our refining equipment, and there isn’t any shortage of fuel right now.  So, you say, because of Ike, there it’s very probable there will be a shortage. Phooey, enough of that one.  Gasoline is so important it affects the prices of absolutely every thing else we do in this world (I mean, oil is the worlds currency after all) .  Gasoline price should not be based on probabilities, but actualities.  The only people benefiting from probabilities is the gas and oil companies.  They are having record quarters, quarter after quarter and are still allowed to rape the public, quarter after quarter.  It’s not about the price as a whole, it is what it is; what I don’t understand is the wild price increases every time someone farts next to a refining plant.  The prices always shoot up wicked fast, but come back down much more cautiously.

What am I missing, can anyone tell me?  Why are there mad changes in price when it does nothing to control supply and demand?  You can raise the gas to $7 a gallon tomorrow, and I will still have to fill up my vehicle so I can go to work.  The transportation companies will still fill there tanks, too.  There is no choice in the matter, the fuel necessary and nobody can change that today.

By the way, does the government still give the oil/gas companies tax breaks and other spiffs?

I received an email from Marta today.  I am glad for the reponse, but not very thrilled by what it said:

Dear Mr. ……,

Thank you for responding and letting us know you are still unable to
receive calls from Comcast customers. I have forwarded your
communication to our Port Out Escalations Department since they asked
for some examples of telephone numbers that are unable to call
847xxxxxxx. I will update you as soon as hear further word.

Thank you for your continued patience.


Not very comforting to say the least.

No word at all from Comcast on Day 5.  Will they contact me again at all?  So much for my daily updates.  🙂  Maybe tomorrow will bring something…

It’s now 1514 CDT and I have not heard from Comcast today.  This disturbs me since they said they would keep me in the loop of what they are doing.  We will see what happens by the end of the day.

Side note, contact from last issue when the FCC was involved is Kenetta Davis.

Night Update

I received an email this evening from Marta, I have copied it here to share with you:

Dear Mr. ……,

Thank you for contacting the Comcast executive offices regarding your issues and concerns. We are informed your porting and calling issues should be resolved; however, if any Comcast customer are still unable to reach you then we will need specific telephone numbers.

Should you have any questions regarding this communication, please let me know.


Marta P. Gardner/ Comcast Executive Customer Care

800-630-2140 ext. 82005/ 2001 York Rd. / Oak Brook , IL 60523

I actually felt a ray of hope and immediately called my father-in-law to have him try and call here.  Same story he receives a message that the number is not in service.  I wonder if they did anything at all?  I wonder when the FCC is going to pick up the case, I don’t remember how long it took them last time, but I don’t believe it was over a week or two.

So now I get to respond to her with a phone number and see what poop they can shovel tomorrow.

This is  a good start to the day Marta called at 08?? this morning and said she will be looking into the problem.  She confirmed the notes from the last person we worked with that they stated the issue was resolved.  I didn’t speak with Marta, my wife did so I didn’t get the last person’s name.  Marta did say she would call back to give us an update, today.

What I am trying to figure out is how Marta knows of my past history, but nobody on the support floor has any of this information, not even a summary of it.  All that does is cause pain for the clients.  I guess the next time this issue comes up I call the Executive Care Office.
Night update

I received a call from Marta and she indicated that the caller id issue has been fixed.  Something to do with a taras system never being updated which was part of their old phone system; before digital voice which we where on.   Marta said she would email me the information, I have yet to receive that email.  Calling one of my friends who uses Comcast’s phone service, my real name actually shows up on caller ID.  I don’t remember the last time that actually worked.

Marta didn’t fully understand the calling issue of Comcast customers bein able to call me before I explained it to her.  Her response is that they are looking into it and will keep in the loop on their actions.

They can’t be serious

I did receive a call from Comcast today, mid-morning from Marta Gardner of the Executive Care Office (800-630-2140 x82005), or something like that.  I called her back around 1300 (after lunch) and left a message to have her call me back.  I haven’t heard back from her.

Juan (some supervisor) called me back this afternoon and left a message.  His message basically stated that our phone number is still a Comcast number and I need to contact them to have them port it over.  Well, I guess it had to start here yet again, since this is the standard answer they always give when this issue begins again.

I really don’t understand how they have no idea what we have gone through with this and there are no notes on any of these issues.  I mean the FCC contacted them last time and I received immediate calls from them that it would be fixed.  Received calls even giving me updates on progress; and finally a call that it’s fixed and would not occure again. Well, here I am again, holding on the phone.

I called back Comcast tonight and was told, as usual, that nobody was available to talk to me and that they will call me back.  We’ll see.

Thinking, I am sure I could call Vonage and ask them to process the port again, maybe, just maybe Comcast will get it right this time.  I really don’t want to do that though, this completely incompetent company, Comcast, has to get something right.  It has to be possible, doesn’t it?

Night update
Well, they never did call me back again tonight, so I called in again because I like the stress and grief.  This is a waist of my time and energy, time to step up the volume.
Talking to some person named Tim who is a “Senior Account Executive”, and he (like so many others) says I need to talk with the porting department.  They have never been able to help me in the past, but it is the standard answer since customer service can’t really serve the customers, just pass them around to other departments who may know something about the issue.
Man can’t believe they just disconnected me yet again.  How annoying.  General rule, don’t let them transfer you anywhere withing there company, 80% of the time you will be disconnected, and that is not an exaggeration.

Not much more I can do about this, I will have to wait until the FCC processes my request.  Seems to be the only way to get some kind of action.  These people in support just don’t have enough control to be able to do anything but work within there scripts.

Comcast Porting department 888.824.8718

Yes, it’s our semi-annual call to Comcast as nobody on the Comcast network can call us again; they are receiving an message that our number is not in service.  If I call a number in the Comcast network I get through, but the person’s caller id reads “Frank Schwab”, which is not me; it’s the name of the last person they tried to give my phone number away to.  If you have followed any of this Frank is probably the eighth Comcast customer they have given our phone number to since we ported it from Comcast to Vonage.

Yes, I did send in another complaint the the FCC, not fooling around at all this time, I have had enough from these idiots.  Of course I am a bit of an idiot myself, not having the letter from Comcast’s executive office from the last time I went through this with Comcast and the FCC.  I will be sure to document it fully this time this time and keep it.

Well after being hung up on twice by the auto-wait attendant, I finally made it through to a person at Comcast.  It took this person about 20 minutes to read the files, click some keys, talk to some fictional supervisor and say there is nothing they can do tonight and they will call me tomorrow.  Yeah, we’ll see Waun.

New Comcast Case #CR137319549

Hey, just in case you want to file a complaint yourself to the FCC, you can do it here.

last Case # 44590
Name in file: Kenyetta (Corporate Escalation)

Big day in our family today; I have disassembled my childrens crib for the last time.  They are both now sleeping in regular beds.  Well the younger one is in a firetruck bed, not sure if that would be considered normal?

I guess the toolbar wasn’t successful enough in gathering data, so they built a whole browser.

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