Yes, it’s our semi-annual call to Comcast as nobody on the Comcast network can call us again; they are receiving an message that our number is not in service.  If I call a number in the Comcast network I get through, but the person’s caller id reads “Frank Schwab”, which is not me; it’s the name of the last person they tried to give my phone number away to.  If you have followed any of this Frank is probably the eighth Comcast customer they have given our phone number to since we ported it from Comcast to Vonage.

Yes, I did send in another complaint the the FCC, not fooling around at all this time, I have had enough from these idiots.  Of course I am a bit of an idiot myself, not having the letter from Comcast’s executive office from the last time I went through this with Comcast and the FCC.  I will be sure to document it fully this time this time and keep it.

Well after being hung up on twice by the auto-wait attendant, I finally made it through to a person at Comcast.  It took this person about 20 minutes to read the files, click some keys, talk to some fictional supervisor and say there is nothing they can do tonight and they will call me tomorrow.  Yeah, we’ll see Waun.

New Comcast Case #CR137319549

Hey, just in case you want to file a complaint yourself to the FCC, you can do it here.

last Case # 44590
Name in file: Kenyetta (Corporate Escalation)