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It has been a frustrating day for me.  I rarely use my eReader, though I am feeling really lost without it.  I guess the worst time to lose a book is while you are in the middle of it.

I am currently on my second Kindle. I purchased my first Kindle in June of 2011, a generation three w/ keyboard.  I used the reader off and on over the year, probably reading around a dozen books, maybe twenty tops.  This Kindle began locking up and would not power on any longer one day.  Working with support, the device was out of warranty and I was sold a new one for $50 or so.

I used this second Kindle to basically read the Harry Potter series all the way through and put it in a drawer, where is stat for around six months.  A few weeks ago when I went back to use the Kindle it wouldn’t power on.  It makes sense, I am sure the battery was drained.

I put the unit on charge overnight and was ready to go in the morning.  I looked at my book list, hey I have read all these already.  I put the Kindle down on the end table, where it sat for another two weeks.

Last week I located a teaser book I was interested in and sent it to my Kindle.  One night I sat down to read it, was completely consumed by it and purchased the full book when I got to the end.  I read for another four hours that night without issue.  It was 02:30 when I went to bed, what was I thinking?

The next day I started to read the book again.  At the fourth or fifth page turn my Kindle locked up! What? Really?  Come on.  Over the next couple of days, I went through all the typical crap to get it to work, including a factory reset.  I just slowly got worse and worse.

This morning I called Kindle support, and of course this Kindle is not under warranty.  I guess it only had 90 days warranty for some reason.  What you get when you buy a re-manufactured unit.

I really just want the Kindle to work, it doesn’t make sense why it doesn’t unless it is my electronics karma coming back to bite me.  20+ years of messing with electronics, computers, etc. I guess they are fighting back.  Just like the time I get around to paving my own computer and there are nothing but roadblocks along the way; but I digress.

Long and short, I am not going to get another Kindle.  The yearly failures have become like a service charge, and if I wanted that I would have my own Prime account.  So once Google decides what they are doing with the next Android version and release the refresh Nexus 7, I will purchase one of those and read from it, and surf, and leave it in a cafe somewhere… 🙂

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