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Being an IT Slug, I find myself using a lot of different tools.  Many tools are ‘first installs’ when starting to use a new box.  Since I have been thinking about changing jobs, which means a full forklift of my toolbox to a new machine, I decided to start writing down what I have installed, sitting in the tools folder, etc.  I was about to put the list in my regular notes system, Google Docs, but decided to put them in the  blog instead. There are boat-loads of tool lists out there, so why shouldn’t I have my own?  🙂

The list is in no particular order, just as I found them in my head or on my system.  Perhaps I will organize them some day…

It just didn’t look complete without the links to the products.  Not that its hard to get these days with the efficiency of Google search.

Add a link to your toolbox in the comments!

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