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The party is over, lent begins, and millions of people are going through the ceremony of Ash Wednesday. I was raised Catholic, and understand the tradition and would never belittle anyone’s belief. If it makes you happy–whole, more power to you. My beliefs are my own, and your beliefs are yours.

“Happy Ash Wednesday”
Na, that doesn’t work.

“Merry Ash Wednesday”

“Peace be with you”
Maybe, that could work

whoops, wrong religion.

I am trying to discover something to say to someone on Ash Wednesday. No real greeting associated with the day. Any Ideas? It’s better then what I usually, unintentionally say, “You have a little–something there on your forehead.”
post updated on 2/23/07

My wife showed me this article (JENNIFER MORRISON, JESSE SPENCER) in the paper this morning, and I will have to say, Jennifer Morrison’s parents are pretty cool (though Jennifer may not agree). For you that don’t know, Jennifer Morrison is on of the star doctors on the TV show House. One of the few television programs I watch, and alway watch with my wife. Jennifer Morison’s parents live in the town next to mine, also where Jennifer grew up. You never know, the next television star may be living right next door to you, even in the mid-West.

I have used Sourcegear’s Vault for about 3 years now at work. I have recently started a project on my own and, of course, want to use a SCM. I decided to try Perforce, since the product if free for two users and five work spaces. Well, I just didn’t get it, I figure I just not smart enough to use the product. I couldn’t even submit the intial load of the repository without having to read the manual. The one thing that really turned me off, it that I had to check out a file to edit it. When I forced to overwrite the file anyway, Perforce didn’t noticed that it changed. I am sure I wasn’t doing somthing properly, but these are issues I never had with Vault. I grew up in the world of CVS, where everyone has there own copy of the codebase and are responsible for incorporating the latest changes from the repository before checking in there changes. So you are probably asking why I just didn’t use Vault? Simple enough, I wanted to try something different. So I have, I am not that crazy about it, and I am going back to Vault, which by they way is free for a single user also. The one thing I will say about Perforce over Vault is that it seems much less system intensive and has less hardware requirements.

Today is my son’s first birthday. A very special day indeed. I dedicate this day to you as it is your day.

It seems to me, when you do Internet searches you need an option to specify the maximum number of words which separate your search items.

I don’t know how many times I search for an item (e.g. my name) and receive links to blogs or other long pages of information where the two words I searched for are separated by 1000 words, and have no corralation between them. You can’t use quotes, that is for exact matches. This really leads to many, many false matches and waisted time searching for stuff. Specially stuff which is difficult to find.

Well another two and one-half hours in the bowels of Symantec and nothing.  I think I may have to call them myself and try to get to the security group.  Tech support is NOT the right channel.  Resolution on this issue is two forked: A, find out the reason the definitions find SuperScan 2.06 a back door, and B, learn how to properly exclude areas of a computer from the wrath of Symantec Anti-Virus.

I spent a little time today looking around at this dilemma of mine. It seems that an update was made to Hacktool.SuperScan on January 28, 2007, which was Sunday. The definition which caused this hell installed on Monday the 29th, so that fits. Now I just wonder why and if they will ever do anything about it.

I am looking at this from the wrong perspective. What I need to find out is a way that actually works to setup and area for tools, obviously a spot I choose not a default location, too crackable.  I have tried to set a directory as ignore, or don’t scan, what ever it is, and it doesn’t matter, Symantec still deletes the files.  I admin systems, I test security, I have special needs from a Anti-Virus engine. The biggest need is, “Stop deleting my tools!” It’s no wonder why so many people end up disabling anti-virus protection; it’s too limited toward smart people. Symantec’s take must be, all computer users are dumb, they need our protection, and the will only get it our way.

Let the search begin for an anti-virus program for smart people.

To my suprise this afternoon, scanner.exe, the executable of Superscan 2.06, is being identified by Symantic Antivirus Corporate Addition version 10.1.x as being infected with the backdoor.Graybird.

Also, Superscan 4.0 is being identified as a hack-tool and being removed.

I have no idea why, all of a sudden, that Symantec Antivirus is finding this stuff. Superscan 2.06, I have used since at lease 2002, almost as long on this same computer. We have been using the Symantec Corporate Antivirus since around 2000. Backdoor.graybird was discovered in April of 2003. None of this makes sense, none of the dates match. Someone in the anti-virus definition has made a big (to me) mistake and having to call Symantec on this really scares me. I actually found Superscan 2.06 on mirror and downloaded it. Even a new file is detected with the backdoor. I followed all of the information on the Symantec site of how Backdoor.Graybird infects your machine, and none of them are found on any of the machines I have used Superscan on (4). This is all crap, an now another tool I can’t use if I leave anti-virus scanner on my machine.

So another person in the shop here has been attempting to contact Symantec on this issue. I scoured their website and there seems not to be any electronic help for Anti-virus. This poor person has now been passed around in the bowels of Symantec for over an hour and now has his fifth phone number. All we want to do is report a false-positive so we can get our tools on our machines again.

It’s funny, each phone number and new person we speak to seems to be getting us closer to America–even the music is different.

Will we ever make it back from the bowels of Symantec support? Who knows…

4 new numbers and 2 disconnections, still nothing…

As a life-long Chicago Blackhawks fan, I am no stranger to disappointment. A great start to the Super Bowl game, kick-off return for a score in 14 seconds, woot. Not a whole lot after that. A few sparks, then nothing. The Colts played a good game, they most certainly deserve this win. As it goes, “Better luck next time”.

Stop the madness!

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