I have used Sourcegear’s Vault for about 3 years now at work. I have recently started a project on my own and, of course, want to use a SCM. I decided to try Perforce, since the product if free for two users and five work spaces. Well, I just didn’t get it, I figure I just not smart enough to use the product. I couldn’t even submit the intial load of the repository without having to read the manual. The one thing that really turned me off, it that I had to check out a file to edit it. When I forced to overwrite the file anyway, Perforce didn’t noticed that it changed. I am sure I wasn’t doing somthing properly, but these are issues I never had with Vault. I grew up in the world of CVS, where everyone has there own copy of the codebase and are responsible for incorporating the latest changes from the repository before checking in there changes. So you are probably asking why I just didn’t use Vault? Simple enough, I wanted to try something different. So I have, I am not that crazy about it, and I am going back to Vault, which by they way is free for a single user also. The one thing I will say about Perforce over Vault is that it seems much less system intensive and has less hardware requirements.