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It’s Residents!

I just can’t believe it, what they do to earn revenue.  Back in June we received a letter from the Illinois Secretary of State mandating that we send them vehicle insurance information.  No problem, I put the information together, stamped the envelope and forgot it in my bag.  That’s right, it never got sent out.

So today we receive another letter from the Illinois Secretary of State stating that our registration is suspended as of September 9th.  To remove this suspention, we must pay $100 and show proof of insurance.  Plain and simple, $100, no if’s and’s or but’s.  I know I can’t be the only fool forgetting about sending in the letter.  What about all of the people who never received it, because we know how accurate the USPS is all the time?

So the Illinois Secretary of State is now collection $100 “fees” from their hard working residents who pay there taxes and keep full coverage insurance on all their vehicals because it’s their only way to work.  I can see it now, my $100 going into the general fund, through some law or two then right into to pocket of Governor Rod Blagojevich, or perhaps the Secretary himself, Jesse White.

I have never been a big fan of Coinstar; I have always felt they were a ripoff.  To get paper for your change your are going to pay 8 9/10 (what is this gasoline?) cents per dollar for those machine to count it.  Fuck that!  No way I am paying anyone to give me my money.

My view has changed; they now have gift cards/eCerts which they don’t charge you any fees to cash your change into.  This I can deal with, especially because it’s companies I would exchange my coin in for (, JC Penny’s, etc.)

I am a big change saver, always have been.  My goal growing up is that I would save my change to purchase ski equipment with.  I bought the boots, but never got around to the actual ski’s and now I really don’t ski enough to purchase my own stuff.  I have all these jugs of change around and I am not sure what to spend it on–until now.

As anyone who knows me knows, I am an avid motorcyclist.  Sure I don’t put in the miles I used to, but having a family will do that to you.  I don’t mind, I love my family, and if my cards are right, I will be touring on two wheels again.  I need a new helmet, and have been looking at Shoei Mulitec’s.  A neat full-face helmet which has a lift-up chin guard, pretty cool.  As like most Shoei gear, they aren’t cheap, 500 bucks.  Now that I can change my coin into an eCert and they will allow me to purchase items in Amazon’s Marketplace, I will cash in my coin for a new helmet.

Basically all I can say is, “Good job Coinstar; you have taken a person who couldn’t stand your service and turned them into a customer.”
No if you can just hook up with some companies so I can buy gas, or rent cars or buy plane tickets.

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