I have never been a big fan of Coinstar; I have always felt they were a ripoff.  To get paper for your change your are going to pay 8 9/10 (what is this gasoline?) cents per dollar for those machine to count it.  Fuck that!  No way I am paying anyone to give me my money.

My view has changed; they now have gift cards/eCerts which they don’t charge you any fees to cash your change into.  This I can deal with, especially because it’s companies I would exchange my coin in for (amazon.com, JC Penny’s, etc.)

I am a big change saver, always have been.  My goal growing up is that I would save my change to purchase ski equipment with.  I bought the boots, but never got around to the actual ski’s and now I really don’t ski enough to purchase my own stuff.  I have all these jugs of change around and I am not sure what to spend it on–until now.

As anyone who knows me knows, I am an avid motorcyclist.  Sure I don’t put in the miles I used to, but having a family will do that to you.  I don’t mind, I love my family, and if my cards are right, I will be touring on two wheels again.  I need a new helmet, and have been looking at Shoei Mulitec’s.  A neat full-face helmet which has a lift-up chin guard, pretty cool.  As like most Shoei gear, they aren’t cheap, 500 bucks.  Now that I can change my coin into an Amazon.com eCert and they will allow me to purchase items in Amazon’s Marketplace, I will cash in my coin for a new helmet.

Basically all I can say is, “Good job Coinstar; you have taken a person who couldn’t stand your service and turned them into a customer.”
No if you can just hook up with some companies so I can buy gas, or rent cars or buy plane tickets.