They can’t be serious

I did receive a call from Comcast today, mid-morning from Marta Gardner of the Executive Care Office (800-630-2140 x82005), or something like that.  I called her back around 1300 (after lunch) and left a message to have her call me back.  I haven’t heard back from her.

Juan (some supervisor) called me back this afternoon and left a message.  His message basically stated that our phone number is still a Comcast number and I need to contact them to have them port it over.  Well, I guess it had to start here yet again, since this is the standard answer they always give when this issue begins again.

I really don’t understand how they have no idea what we have gone through with this and there are no notes on any of these issues.  I mean the FCC contacted them last time and I received immediate calls from them that it would be fixed.  Received calls even giving me updates on progress; and finally a call that it’s fixed and would not occure again. Well, here I am again, holding on the phone.

I called back Comcast tonight and was told, as usual, that nobody was available to talk to me and that they will call me back.  We’ll see.

Thinking, I am sure I could call Vonage and ask them to process the port again, maybe, just maybe Comcast will get it right this time.  I really don’t want to do that though, this completely incompetent company, Comcast, has to get something right.  It has to be possible, doesn’t it?

Night update
Well, they never did call me back again tonight, so I called in again because I like the stress and grief.  This is a waist of my time and energy, time to step up the volume.
Talking to some person named Tim who is a “Senior Account Executive”, and he (like so many others) says I need to talk with the porting department.  They have never been able to help me in the past, but it is the standard answer since customer service can’t really serve the customers, just pass them around to other departments who may know something about the issue.
Man can’t believe they just disconnected me yet again.  How annoying.  General rule, don’t let them transfer you anywhere withing there company, 80% of the time you will be disconnected, and that is not an exaggeration.

Not much more I can do about this, I will have to wait until the FCC processes my request.  Seems to be the only way to get some kind of action.  These people in support just don’t have enough control to be able to do anything but work within there scripts.

Comcast Porting department 888.824.8718