I will not take back my kudos though, you still deserve that. This issue still has me rolling on the floor in laughter.

I log into EVE this afternoon to see this big banner saying DON’T REBOOT! If you have loaded the premium graphics after 0400 GMT, DON’T reboot without checking some link first.

Well of course I rebooted, I shut down for the night. This morning I started my machine to discover that my boot.ini file was invalid. I freaked, it’s not like I have enough going on with my workplace. After running tests on the hdd and determining that it’s healthy, I did a look for “Invalid boot.ini” and discovered how to fix it.

Here is one of there links, and it’s kind of a joke, because who is going to see it? Not many, at least in the states, as it was anyone after 0900 cst, who is effected. Bummer, does this mean I can’t play until they fix this bug? I’ll have to read more, it seems only to be happening after the load, not playing.

Damn, just thought of something, I loaded it on my home machine too last night. I am going to have to fix that now too.