I really don’t understand it; why in the world has gasoline gone up 35 cents within the last week?  Sure you are going to say, because of Ike; but Texas contains 20% of our refining equipment, and there isn’t any shortage of fuel right now.  So, you say, because of Ike, there it’s very probable there will be a shortage. Phooey, enough of that one.  Gasoline is so important it affects the prices of absolutely every thing else we do in this world (I mean, oil is the worlds currency after all) .  Gasoline price should not be based on probabilities, but actualities.  The only people benefiting from probabilities is the gas and oil companies.  They are having record quarters, quarter after quarter and are still allowed to rape the public, quarter after quarter.  It’s not about the price as a whole, it is what it is; what I don’t understand is the wild price increases every time someone farts next to a refining plant.  The prices always shoot up wicked fast, but come back down much more cautiously.

What am I missing, can anyone tell me?  Why are there mad changes in price when it does nothing to control supply and demand?  You can raise the gas to $7 a gallon tomorrow, and I will still have to fill up my vehicle so I can go to work.  The transportation companies will still fill there tanks, too.  There is no choice in the matter, the fuel necessary and nobody can change that today.

By the way, does the government still give the oil/gas companies tax breaks and other spiffs?