It feels a bit strange seeing the one plus terabyte drives roll out to the market.  It reminds me a lot of when the one plus gigabyte drives came out.  It all really seems the same: sizes, pricing, amazement.

I look at some drives sitting around my desk; removed some time ago do the the plowing of a machine (I prefer a new hdd over erasing a current one).  I look at a drive, 80GB hmm, that seems small.  Really, did I just think that–yes I did.  Simply because the 500GB drive I have installed now has plenty of space on it.  This is no different than when it was 80MB drive and I had that first 720 MB drive in my main machine.  This all really has the same smell.

Funny, even though I balked at that 80GB drive, I plugged it in to load up my Windows 7 beta.  You know what, there was more than enough room for Win7, VS2010, Office 2007, etc.

What are we doing with all this extra space we have on these drives?