They are at it again! Sony is increasing subscription cost on their online games. Planetside is going up $2 a month, this is an increase from $13 to $15. It sure makes the game a lot less attractive. They haven’t done a lot of updates to it over the last few years and are now coming our with a large CE (combat engineering) update. The reason for the update is the usual, due to bandwidth costs and continual updates we need more money. The thing is, the number of subscribers is way, way down, and increasing costs isn’t going to improve that. The days of huge battles lasting hours are gone, there just isn’t the same number of players anymore. Recently the “old-timers” are playing new characters under the reserves program. This is basically free play up to battle rank 6–Enough BR to allow specialization in one thing–still fun, if people where on. For you EQ2 (Ever Quest 2) fans, and station pass holders, those prices are going up too, a station pass will be $30 (up from $25)! That is asking a lot from your subscribers. I guess I get to sit back and watch as Sony screws the pooch once again with it’s online gaming division.