I actually completed this a couple of weeks ago–none the less I am still pretty excited about it. I was looking for some ways to help increase search engine rankings with my EVE Tools page. Since I have put this stuff together and some people find it useful, maybe others will to and provide some feedback on stuff they would like to see, or just tell me it sucks, none-the-less, it’s always a nice feeling when people use your stuff.

Knowing that I could never have enough content to continuously add to Brettski’s EVE Tools, I needed some other way to keep new content flowing to the site. The EVE-Online news feeds came to mind.  Of course, there is always new information coming out, I just need to read the RSS feeds and display them on the site.  Like any good hacker, I started researching the art of consuming RSS feeds, since its something I have never done before.  It seemed pretty simple to pull off by writing a class, then I started to think about caching, etc. and got lazy and looked for a tool.  There was some stuff on Codeproject, and here and there.  Then I ran into Dmitry Robsman‘s blog on msdn.  What a life saver, rsstoolkit, this little tool of his, written for .NET 2.0, met most of my needs and was a snap to implement.  I now have EVE’s feeds on the site and could develop my own feeds if I ever wanted to, though can’t think of any reason to do so at this point.

If you are looking to consume or add rss to your site, look into the rsstoolkit, it works pretty well and saved me a whole bunch of time.   Thank you Dmitry.