I know you are probably saying, “Big deal.” For the most part your right. I think, just because I am bored, I purchased the domain eve-igbtools.com. A much more fitting name for my EVE Tools page. The IGB (In Game Tools) part is probably most important, as the goal of the site is to build all tools available to the IGB. Which besides not being able to use javascript, makes it easier for me. Basically this is because I really suck at web development. I am more of a command line/winforms kind of person.

All the old tools are there and some new ones are to follow soon. It’s summer time, who wants to program? I have even let my EVE-Online subscription laps, because I don’t play as often this time of year. The cool thing, is my toon is still training. A great game for the casual player (or a player with kids like me).

Links to the to tools on the new site:

Character: Skill End Date Calc | Skill Calculator

Mining: Mining Rate | Miner Yield

EVE News: News | Archives