I have been really surprised by my usage logs that nobody in eve is using the Skill Ending Date Calculator on eve-igbtools.com.  This is simply because it’s the tool I use the most.  Perhaps it’s use just isn’t understood.

The basic idea behind it, and it’s really basic, is that it tells you exactly when your skill will be complete, to the second is you want.

In EVE when you train a skill it counts down for you how time you have remaining.  This is listed as days, hours, minutes, and seconds.  How many times have you counted on your hands to figure out  which day, hour and minute the skill will end?  Well don’t, use the Skill Ending Date Calculator.

Fill out it’s four fields, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds (no field is required), and click the calculate button.
At the bottom of the page will be the completion time in  five separate time zones:

UTC (EVE Server), Eastern US, Central US, Mountain US, and Pacific US

And of course I will add any other time zones requested by users.  It’s that simple and you don’t need to do any of it in your head.  You may then setup a reminder in your favorite task list.  Which reminds me of an item I would like to do–email a reminder to the user so they may import into thier commonly used task list.  Once the login class is complete, I can store the skill time for the user and send them periodic emails to remind them to change their skill.  Sounds like it will be an interesting winter of programming.

If you are an EVE player, give the Skill Ending Date Calculator a shot, I think you will like it.  If you have an idea for an EVE tool send it to me, I will see what I can do.