The saga continues! Calling Comcast support still hasn’t progressed anywhere with my wife or I so I had a new idea, contact the FCC. Now I understand the need for the FCC, but I haven’t been a big fan since the day they raided a friends house and removed thousands of dollars in high-energy equipment for disturbing local radio communication. And yes, he ignored their prior warnings. 🙂

I went to the FCC website and sent a complaint about Comcast for basic harassment, since they kept giving our phone number to their new clients and causing us grief.

Guess what, it actually worked! On Thursday(11/1) we received a phone call from the executive office of Comcast indicating to us that they have received an letter from the FCC about our issue and will get it fixed straight away. We received an update that night that they where unable to complete the update but will continue to try. No phone call received on Friday, so believe me I will be following up on Monday morning. Yes, the representative from Comcast gave me their contact information. Hopefully they can finally get our phone number fully ported out of their systems.

By the way, Digital broadcast is a reality and by February 17, 2009 analog T.V.’s will be useless unless they are setup to receive a digital broadcast signal. Bastards.