The day is here, and I can’t play so I though I would write a post on some EVE happenings.  EVE Trinity expansion is currently in the process of being loaded.  There are a whole lot of people in Iceland who will not be getting any sleep over the next twenty-four hours.  The creators of EVE, CCP are in Iceland and started their update at 0200 GMT. Trinity is EVE‘s largest updates to date.  One of the most major changes that they are adding is a new graphics engine.  I finally got around to watching their Trinity Trailer and wow, what an improvement.  I can’t wait to see this live in action.  The trailer in the link provided is actual in-game footage!  The game play look is nice now, but wow.

That is only one of many things being added.  There are new ships being added and a tonne of fixes.  If you haven’t played EVE or haven’t been there in a while, go back after this update, the game rocks.

For those of you saying, “I just don’t have the time to commit to a game to make it anywhere useful.”
That is hogwash!  All the skill advancements in EVE are time based, they take x amount of time to complete if you are logged in or not.  I have set long training skills, like 35 days and let my subscription expire to take a break from the game.  A month later I re-subscribed and my skill is almost done.  Not even paying for the game and the skill still advances!  Great for casual players, like me, with kids wifes, f’d up job, etc.  The down side to this of course is that you can’t play straight for a week and become uber like in so many other games.  EVE is unlike other games in other ways:  There is only one world.  The last record set by EVE was around 37,500 players logged in at once.  To a geek like me that is impressive.  In case you are wondering other games like WoW, max out each “realm” at five to ten thousand players.

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If you are new to EVE and are looking for some tools to help you calculate training time, training completion time in your time zone, mining rate, etc.,   visit my EVE-IGBTools site.  I am always looking for new ideas to enhance the site.  Well, this fall I have been trying to find time too.  I miss programming, I wish my life would allow me the time to do it.  Kids and family come first though, and I don’t regret it.

Here is a link to a higher res version of the Trinity Trailer.

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You know, now that I think about it, I saw a commercial the other day for WoW on TV.  That in itself surprised me, but what surprised me even more was their spokes person, William Shatner.  I think Bill would make a better spokesperson for EVE, being space and all…  Of course at this stage, I think he could fill most spokesperson positions.