I am truly X challenged, X windows that is.  I just cannot get X to run for anything.  I get the gist of it, I have surely used it, but set it up form nothing, and I get nowhere.

At least two years ago, I was trying to setup up X windows on OpenBSD (I think it was 3.8 then) and try as I may, I could not get it to run.  I scraped trying, I only have on installation left and it’s all text. 🙂

So recently, over the last couple of weeks, I have been working with Gentoo.  I really like Gentoo, it’s a pain to setup, but its because of all the options and the ability to only build into it what you need.  My IBM R40 installation is very quick for such an old machine.  The issue, as usual, is that I cannot get X to work.  I am truly X Challenged.

Why can’t there be a step-by-step guide explaining all the different pieces that are needed to get X to run.  I don’t want anything fancy, just Windowmaker with perhaps wdm as a manager.  Not sure really, because I have never successfully set it up from scratch.

So if you have a good walk through that you can point me to which explains the different pieces I need to get X working, I will be very grateful.