So I received another email from Blizzard  offering 10 free days of WoW.  Sure why not, I’ll run around again for free.  I am sure glad I didn’t start the free trial yet, I have been loading patches for days!  One of the patches was a 1GB is size, I just left that one for when I went to sleep.  Being extra busy at work and getting he house ready for Thanksgiving, I have literally spent five or six days loading patches here and there.

How long has it been, well from what I can tell from file dates is June of 2007, which is about the last time I received the 10 day free time to load up Burning Crusade.  This free trial isn’t loading the new upgrade, but I am sure they just want to get me back in so I want to buy the new version–thingy.  (or maybe get my machine up to date, who knows)

In case anyone cares, there is one main reason I don’t play WoW any longer, I am charged sales tax on the subscription.  It is the only online game I have ever played which charges me sales tax, and I hate it, so I don’t pay or play.  And a minor reason, is you can only grind for so many hours of your life…