My trip through ruby has been an interesting one.  It’s a pretty straight forward language.  I need some ideas to build so I can get more practice.

I have starting into rails to try that out, and it’s amazing how much of ASP.NET MVC seems to modeled off of it.  I really do love the MVC pattern.  What I am not loving is the total pain in the ass it is to work with rails configurations.  It’s like everything Linux, config, config, config.  Granted I really don’t know what I am doing when it comes to Apache, but things should not be this cumbersome, and not have a straight answer on setting up things like .htaccess files.

I am using my Dreamhost account to run my rails apps and I took a break from trying to get the static stuff to show on the site and not be sent through rails.  Items like css files, image file, etc.

I am assuming it’s something I need to do in an .htaccess file or something, but I am no positive, and there are direct configuration instructions on what to do.  So its trial and error, and there are a lot of it.  Shit, I can’t build anything because I am too busy configuring my server.  So sure Ruby on Rails may be great for rapid development, but if I can’t get it running, I am not getting anywhere.

Well, enough ranting, back to it….

Had another thought.  This really is where Microsoft shines and why they are used over other options, their stuff works.

I can remember back in July of 2008 or so when ASP.NET MVC was in beta one or three and I was tyring it out, I made it a hell of a lot further in a couple of days then I did with rails.  One thing to note is that I know IIS pretty darn well, and don’t know Apache that well at all, and perhaps that is the difference here.  Working with IIS for so many years much of is just natural, you don’t think about it.

Ah but wait, that is not it, because when I was writing ASP.NET MVC I was in VS2008 and the browser being used was  cassini web server (built into Visual Studio).  In this note, I guess that is the same as using WEBRick which I have not had issues using.  So perhaps all of this is due to my lack of knowledge of Apache?