Twitter has always been a big question mark in my head.  I must admit, I do use it more and more as businesses use it to send alerts, super sales, and general status updates.  And I suppose I wouldn’t of been able to deal with all of this information if it wasn’t for Tweetdeck.  What a good way to organize all the noise.  Personally I have setup a Loud group, for all those tweeters like Elijah Manor (@ElijahManor) and Jeff Atwood (@CodingHorror).  Then there is the main group, for most of the other stuff except for the ones in the last group, alerts.  Alerts are for my ISP and other providers who post system and service update via twitter.   I actually really like this functionality aspect of twitter, as I am watching one feed to get all my information.  In the past (and I guess I still do) I would have to subscribe to many, many rss or atom feeds.

Twitter in one respect is becoming  a bunch of bots following each others tweets.  There are so many apps out there which auto-follow based on keywords or when someone follows them, that you get these clusters of drones passing data to each other.  We should be careful you never know if this may become some AI cognitive network!