Comcast Domain helper service, a DNS breaking service which shows you search results when you try to access a site which doesn’t exist on the Internet (e.g. http://blah.blah).

Ever since I noticed this “service” on my Comcast account I have disabled it.  I don’t like it, I don’t want it, and basically it breaks the basic workings of DNS on the internet.  If a site doesn’t exist, I want a cannot be found error, not search page which is cached in my browser and forever holds the bad domain as real in my history.

So this evening I jump on the internet and mistype, as I so often do for some reason, and notice that the Domain helper service is enabled, AGAIN.  This has to be the fourth time the service has reactivated itself on my account.  So I go out to my Comcast account to shut it down and notice that the option to do so no longer exists!  What!?

I call Comcast and the person on the phone is as befuddled as I am, plus not so happy that the option is missing from his home account also.

I have been on the phone for 33 minutes now while a resolution is trying to find a solution to this.  The end result at this point is that an “IT” ticked has been opened and this support person is to call me back with a status.

I wonder if I will ever actually receive that call?


It is now Friday, August 6th, basically one week since I called Comcast and I have not heard back from them at all.  Not like I really expected to, though it would have been a nice change.

I am not looking forward to it, but I must fight my way through Comcast option-hold hell/support once more…

Update again:

Well the support joker never did call me. What did I expect, really support from Comast? No chance of that.  The good news is that the place on the Comcast customer site again has the place to disable the service.   YEAH