Hey look a new home. I am a few year user of Blogger and was getting tired of some of it’s shortcomings. You know, no titles, categories, difficult back links. Well difficult to me, they are just not straight forward enough and I can’t figure out how to link to old posts.

I came across WordPress again while reading a blog linked by reddit. I liked the layout of the blogs and that it’s FREE. So here I am giving it a go, and I may have a new place to write my crap. Nobody is reading, so I am glad to waist more space on the ever-expanding Internet.

I just noticed, no in-line spell check! What’s with that, I thought I read they had that here. Perhaps I need to turn it on. I see you click the button and it’s then checks spelling. That could use some work, as I am getting spoiled with the in-line checkers at Yahoo!, Google, and even in Fogcreeks, Fogbugz. Ugh, I can’t add words to a dictionary either. Well, it’s annoying, but not a show stopper.

Well like any new home I guess it will take a to get accustom to it. Being that I really suck at spelling and grammar is always a challenge, the immediate spell-check is a little something to help me along. Enough on that already. I already see benefits that I can put up pictures, documents, perhaps even video. 50 Megs of space should be good for me, it’s not like I will have a whole lot of content anyway. Just stupid musings from an IT slug.

Neat, I get pages too. I like that, can segregate stuff and not necessarily have to or more blogs. May be a one-stop-shop for my stuff. I may even pull out Photoshop and put together a banner pic for myself.