I will not remove the Hello, World default post from WordPress, I just won’t.

Why should I, it is the start of the blog, the first post.  I may even keep the About page, just because. Hey, every time I learned a new programming language, the first thing I create is a Hello, world page, script, whatever; so why not have one here?  Not exactly sure where it started, but I bet there’s an entry on Wikipedia for it…

Well yes it is at Wikipedia, right here. The article states that Hello, world started with the book from Kernigham and Ritche, one of my favorites, “The C programming Language.”

I wonder if it became popular from that book?  I just re-read this book in November, because I was looking to get back to my roots. It was fun, but now I’m over it. There are such better ways to work with strings these days. I really do like how it makes me think. A little pointer arithmetic once in a while is good for the soul.  So, anyway, the Hello, world post stays.

Care to debate on it’s capitalization?  🙂