I broke it down to a host I thought worth giving a try for my hosting. As you know I have been having a heck of a time locating a new hosting service. While investigating dotNetNuke, I came across WebHost4Life, and booked marked them. Today I was going through my hosting research bookmarks and came across them again. After reading through there offer and comparing it to others in the same price range $10, I decided to try them out.

Let me tell you, it has been nothing short of a nightmare! I am not kidding. They only take payments on a yearly basis, which isn’t a huge problem as there isn’t a contract and they will prorate you the remaining balance. Filled out the form, payed the yearly fee, and printed off the order id sheet. Well, that was the last time I heard from them, really. No email to indicate that they received my order and will be working on it, No email indicating how long it will be before the service is setup, nothing. I was quite surprised. I contacted their tech support, and we just where not understanding each other, and I was just getting more and more impatient. It seems that, for some reason, they where unable to send emails to my yahoo account. I really don’t know why perhaps they are black-listed or something, I am receiving emails from other places like newegg.com (whom could teach a few companies out there superior customer service). While on the train I opened a ticket with support about not receiving an introductory email, even supplied an alt email address, and yet they still didn’t get it. Their response to me was that the email I indicated in the email is not the same as the one listed in my account and I should check the proper account. So of course I had to email them back spelling out that I sent them an Alt email, meaning and Alternative email account, one for them to try instead of the one listed on the account, which we know isn’t working with them.

You may ask, what is the big deal about this email, well it seems that it contains instructions on how to get started with the site. No, I am not a complete idiot, I can break most things pretty well. I figured out dns servers, some other configurations, but I don’t have any way to enable my domain. The account is only using the tempory url which is used for initial configurations. I don’t have any ftp accounts, because there is no where to set them up in the control panel. It seems I need this darn email to get started, and nobody there is able to get me a copy of it.  To top it off, I did receive an email from the ticket support system.

I will give this chance to straighten this mess out so I can get back online (currently brettski.com is down). Personally I don’t think they have the will to continue and will fall flat again, where I will have to pull the plug and continue my search. <sigh>