Well my new life with WebHost4Life, isn’t so good. There are still some issues with the site. I need to ask to have anything enabled, which should of been anyway, and my site seems very flaky now, now always coming up, or long delays for a page to load. These pages are nothing special at all. One small graphic and around 1k in text/code. Twice now the iis settings in the control panel just didn’t show up. Of course I received the common answer of,
“we can’t find an issue with your control panel”, and when I go back to it all it working fine. I guess it could always be me, I have been told more than once that I am jinxed.

Well, I am tired of stressing over this and tired of talking to their tech support on site issues with such a new account. Plus I have a new host in my sites (you may want to warn them ahead of time) iHOSTASP.net, ‘Ran by developers for developers’, so they say. 🙂
I have been talking to their support personnel on their support offering and so far it seems to match pretty well to my needs. The site is tuned for DotNetNuke and the welcome developers too. The price is a touch higher, but you do get what you pay for.

If this one doesn’t work out, I am sure I will head to Crystal Tech I have heard nothing but good things about this host. The only reason I have not gone with them is that they only offer 1 MSSQL database, I require a minimum of 2.

Away I go.