Yes, can you believe it? The new host is working out for me. Feels nice to work with people who know what the heck is going on and what a developer likes in a host.

My host decision is with iHostASP.NET (Hosting for developers, by developers). It’s a shared hosting plan, so it doesn’t fit everything, but the areas it does are well done. They offer 3 levels of hosting, Standard, Developer, and Professional. I went middle of the road with the developer level. It includes all the standard host goodies, like, multiple domains, multiple domain subs, multiple user ftp access, 1.1 & 2.0, asp, php5, etc., etc. There are some really cool things they offer: 3 domains configured in separate spaces, that is separate application and memory pools. This was a big selling point for me. And better yet, 3 sql servers (size up to 10% of total storage 240MB), the biggest reason I chose them. I needed multiple databases. They do this because the site is bases on serving DotNetNuke, and the developer level if for three separate installations. Obviously, you don’t have to use DNN.

The allow 60 aliased domains with the mid-plan which can’t be pointed to other directories, you have to do this via code. Not a huge deal, I have ran into this with other hosts like CrystalTech and it’s an easy enough script to write. Not a real lot of control of iis, less than I would like, but I have found my way around every thing I have needed to do so far. They don’t have to richest offering but its pretty darn good, and the service and support has been excellent. I’ll write more as more info comes about.