I over slept two hours this morning, I can’ t believe it.  I am sure I needed the rest, plus I blame my 20 year old alarm clock.

I find that it’s good for me the oversleep once in a while, it puts into prospective why the heck I wake up at 05:00 every morning.  On a regular morning I will catch the 06:06 or 06:33 train into Chicago to go to work.  I usually walk into my cube around 07:15, 07:30.  It’s really not that bad of a commute, I park where I want at the train station, get a roomy seat on the train, there isn’t mobs of people on the street or waiting for the buses.

This morning, waking up at 07:00 is a totally different story.  I made it to the train station around 07:30, no parking spots anywhere around the station.  So I park a half-mile from there.  It’s suppose to rain a lot today, so when I get home it should be interesting.  The train arrived at 07:40, and we are the first stop for this one, so this part is cool, I was able to get a somewhat private seat, which is good for spreading out while writing coding on the train.  We get into Chicago, and WOW, is there a lot of people about, I mean crammed.  It’s now raining out, and having a mile trek to the office, I figured I would take the bus.  I see everyone else it too, the line is sixty feet long!  Good thing the buses can cram many people on them.  The first bus filled up and we waited for a second, and that one filled up with me on it–Off to the office I go.   Funny thing is, I woke up two hours late and still made it in before my systems administrator.  🙂

Well, all-in-all, not a horrible commute, anyone from New York is probably yelling, “You pansy,  try the New York subways and The Path.”
No thank you.

In the end it’s good to be late once in a while, it keeps you in check on why the hell you wake up so darn early every morning.