Global warming has been a really hot topic lately (sorry couldn’t resist the pun).  The UN is putting together a letter stated in this news article  via Yahoo! (Reuters), explaining that there is little time to avert big temperature changes here on Earth.

I strongly believe they are missing a bigger picture to this, what are we going to do when the average temperature is 10 degrees Celsius higher?

The fact that carbon monoxide causes hot are to be trapped in earths atmosphere is a theory.  There isn’t enough proof that its what’s causing our temperature rise.  The CO discharge from a volcano is huge, and Earth has been dealing with this for ever.

This is not a statement toward, should we or should we not, cut back our production of greenhouse gases, I am all for cleaner air and a better environment.  Its a statement where I really don’t believe that even cutting all greenhouse gas production will make much of a difference and we need to plan on how we will be able to survive in our world with these much higher temperatures.

When my children are my age, this world will be very different.  If this warming trend continues, things will be very different.  I just hope that some planing is done for when 1/3 or more of America’s grasslands are nothing more than dirt and nothing can really live or grow there.  What is the contingency plan for when reduction of the greenhouse gases just isn’t enough to slow the Earth’s warming?