I use a mobile device which runs Windows Mobile 5, a hand-held based OS which reminds me a lot of windows 95. Anyway, the default home page on the device has a link to the Windows Mobil home page, strangely enough, not very compatible at all with the browser which comes with Windows Mobile 5 (some hacked up version of IE 4 it seams). When I went to the site just now to verify the url, I noticed that there is a large flash area on the page. Mobile IE doesn’t support flash, nor does the site redirect you based on your browser type, so it is almost impossible to navigate around the page

I also receive an email once a month from the Microsoft Windows Mobile group, this email is sent in HTML which isn’t viewable by the mobile Outlook installed on the phone! Mostly what I see is many links to spacer.gif images.

I find this very strange that the mobile group, who are trying to promote their mobile services and offerings don’t support the applications the are promoting. One of the major reasons I have to device is so I may catch up on reading while commuting back and forth to work. Reading which can’t include Microsoft Windows Mobile information.

It’s the little things like this which drive customers away from a company. You either supply exemplary customer service, or you die in business. You think it doesn’t matter with a company like Microsoft? We will just wait and see. The Trio is looking very promising as my next hand-held.