Yet another useless unused forum has been added to the Internet.  Another place for spammers for other Counties to post adds for Viagra, watches and work at home scams.  Of course I will delete these.

Just in case any of my tools start to become popular, their user-base will have a central place to whine at me when stuff goes awry or if they have a great new idea for a tool. The reason that I know it will never be used? Simple, after three months of the tools being available and used by other people then just my friends, I have never received any feedback, through my feedback/comment form.

Since one of the main goals for Brettski’s EVE Tools is that it works from the IGB, my choice of forum software was very thin. After looking around for some time for a forum with a basic format (worst being nested div and table tags), I chose punbb. It’s a php based forum without a lot of bells and whistles, but it runs quick. A user or programmer of punbb, had a mod which was made specifically for EVE-Online. That mod is out of development, but he followed it up with a stand alone forum for EVE’s IGB called evebb. It’s not a bad piece of software and works with EVE‘s embedded features, but I really just wanted a plain forum that works well and could be displayed in a simple format. Punbb should do it for me for now. I just hope they keep developing it.