On Friday afternoon I made some simple changes to my EVE Tools website and posted them as usual. But as you may have guessed, everything didn’t upload as usual. A major file for the site, a web user control used for the header menu, was locked by the server.

I called iHostasp.net tech support, and explained my issue. They agreed it was locked and tried to restart the web server, it made no difference. They then suggested that I wait fifteen to twenty minutes to see if the server will release the file. If it isn’t released send us a support ticket and we will restart the server. Well it didn’t release and now their tech support is closed (I knew when signing with them this would be an issue). So now, since Friday afternoon my site has been down, broken to the world. It isn’t used by a lot of people but I know I have a few regulars there, and that’s all that matters.

This tech support thing is a real shame for this company because they operate some pretty solid servers. Every application, either .NET or PHP, has just worked, and without fault. There are a few database bottlenecks once in a while, but hey, you get what you pay for. If they could just give some good support. Tickets can take weeks to get to, and that is just to long. Heck, a full day is to long.