Now that my body has purged itself of some nasty virus, I am back to cleaning up my life. This time it was in the basement where I spent some time removing old hardware. A 21 inch monitor which a funky wave at the top of the screen. It’s just too damn big anyway. Three computers (don’t laugh too hard), dx4-100, k6, and Sun Ultra 10, all gone. Get them OUT, I just can’t take the clutter. I am so bad at this too. I look at my first laptop (which I didn’t pay for), I can’t use at all anymore, and have a hard time getting rid of it. I mean I can’t run anything on it, it’s a freak’n 386sx-25 with 2MB of ram. It still runs if you believe it, though the 40MB HDD sounds like it’s going to break apart. I used that thing in my last years in college. Well, GONE, in the trash, enough is enough.

I even got my wife a little involved this weekend, she filled a whole bag (one of those tall paper yard waste ones) of kids close that have cluttered up their rooms forever.  By my estimation there is another 12 bags of clothes on an unused bed.  All in good time, keep the momentum going.   Purge, purge, purge!!!!!