It has been a while since I have written about IHost, but things are pretty bad right now. They have been having some big issues with one of their SQL servers, luckily not the one I am on, and there has been zero response out of the support. They much just be drowning out there.

I haven’t posted to my site (eve-online) in some time, and finally got around to writing some new code (which felt great by the way to be working on my own stuff again), and wanted to post it. It turns out that I can no longer access the database from home or work. Two IP address I have given them in the past to allow access to the server, neither worked. On 1/18 I opened a trouble ticket (the only way to contact them) explaining that I don’t have access to the database. No response. I reply to the ticket on 1/26, still no response. I tried to call on (i believe) the 26th and receive a message that the call can’t be completed. I can’t even access my control panel. Now I am a little scared. Luckily the CP came back in a few minutes, but the phone was still not working. Could be local network problems, didn’t pay the bill, who knows, but this is annoying. What bothers me is that there is no feedback from them. They have a customer site to show and explain statuses and there is nothing written there. I tried their line later that night and I did receive their, off hours message, some ray of hope.

What prompted this post, is I just tried calling their 800 number again and received the cannot connect message. Thought it may be a routing issue between my office and them (it did work from home), so I used the cell phone, same thing. Last stupid thought is that they are using Vonage business and Vonage has their routing messed up from the outside world, but I can reach it from home since I am calling using Vonage. Far fetched, but it could be the case with my past history with phone companies.

I should just bite the damn bullet and setup a server for myself and be done with it. I am tired of relying on these service providers who always seem to run short. Nobody, I mean nobody has replied and said, “Use company X, they rock and wont cost you your second born!”

What to do??