This is  a good start to the day Marta called at 08?? this morning and said she will be looking into the problem.  She confirmed the notes from the last person we worked with that they stated the issue was resolved.  I didn’t speak with Marta, my wife did so I didn’t get the last person’s name.  Marta did say she would call back to give us an update, today.

What I am trying to figure out is how Marta knows of my past history, but nobody on the support floor has any of this information, not even a summary of it.  All that does is cause pain for the clients.  I guess the next time this issue comes up I call the Executive Care Office.
Night update

I received a call from Marta and she indicated that the caller id issue has been fixed.  Something to do with a taras system never being updated which was part of their old phone system; before digital voice which we where on.   Marta said she would email me the information, I have yet to receive that email.  Calling one of my friends who uses Comcast’s phone service, my real name actually shows up on caller ID.  I don’t remember the last time that actually worked.

Marta didn’t fully understand the calling issue of Comcast customers bein able to call me before I explained it to her.  Her response is that they are looking into it and will keep in the loop on their actions.