Recently I have been using Google Chrome more often.  It really is wicked-fast running Javascript.  Anyway, there is a small annoyance which catches me almost every time I use it.

Firefox my primary browser of choice for the last few years now allows you to right click on a link and select to open it in a new tab, window, etc.

Chrome of course has this option too, it’s nothing really special, but there is one BIG difference between the two:

Firefox right-click menu:
Open Link in New Window
Open Link in New Tab

Chrome’s right-click menu:
Open link in new tab
Open link in new window

You know they had to of done this on purpose.  I am sure most of the code jockeys at Google used Firefox prior to their own browser.  Even Internet Explorer is setup similar to Firefox and probably why I never had an issue with this switching between them

IE 8’s right-click menu:
Open in New Tab
Open in New Window

See open in new tab is still the second option.  I am curious to see how long, if ever it will take me to not open a new link in a new window in Chrome, when I was unconsciously trying to open the link in a new tab?