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Now this is surely the way to come back from vacation.  A gift to me from fellow employees!

This actually happened a few years back, 2007 I believe, though I just came across the pictures again and realized I had never posted them before.


Recently I have been using Google Chrome more often.  It really is wicked-fast running Javascript.  Anyway, there is a small annoyance which catches me almost every time I use it.

Firefox my primary browser of choice for the last few years now allows you to right click on a link and select to open it in a new tab, window, etc.

Chrome of course has this option too, it’s nothing really special, but there is one BIG difference between the two:

Firefox right-click menu:
Open Link in New Window
Open Link in New Tab

Chrome’s right-click menu:
Open link in new tab
Open link in new window

You know they had to of done this on purpose.  I am sure most of the code jockeys at Google used Firefox prior to their own browser.  Even Internet Explorer is setup similar to Firefox and probably why I never had an issue with this switching between them

IE 8’s right-click menu:
Open in New Tab
Open in New Window

See open in new tab is still the second option.  I am curious to see how long, if ever it will take me to not open a new link in a new window in Chrome, when I was unconsciously trying to open the link in a new tab?

Just the other day I decided to sign up with dreamhost for SVN and web hosting.  This hosting service is setup really well.  They have one very reasonably priced plan, and charge for extras from there.  Not that I need any.  They are running an unlimmited storage and bandwidth special right now.  Normally 50G (not sure on bw);  5 MySql databases, unlimited email and shell/ftp users,unlimited mail, imap access, webmail client, etc., etc.  Truly full service hosting. You can setup a virtual private server for on $15 per month extra!

Programming support for PHP5, Perl, Python, Full Unix Shell (one of my favorite parts), Crontab access, Full CGI access, Ruby On Rails, SSI, CVS and SVN reopos, and they have mod_dav_svn installed!

Running on Debian Linux, friends have told me that they have had very little down time with the service.

You cannot go wrong with all they provide for the price they charge ($9/month?), easily the best Linux based hosting I have come across.  Only time will truly tell me how reliable the service is.  The word on the street is good!

Oh yeah, and they are a green hosting center 🙂

You know, frigelins, those little critters that live somewhere in the refrigerator and eat your food when nobody is around.  They seem to be most prominent in work refrigerators.

..When all the stores start crying that nobody is buying anything and they want their bailout now.

The next six months are going to get worse and worse.

I have never been a big fan of Coinstar; I have always felt they were a ripoff.  To get paper for your change your are going to pay 8 9/10 (what is this gasoline?) cents per dollar for those machine to count it.  Fuck that!  No way I am paying anyone to give me my money.

My view has changed; they now have gift cards/eCerts which they don’t charge you any fees to cash your change into.  This I can deal with, especially because it’s companies I would exchange my coin in for (, JC Penny’s, etc.)

I am a big change saver, always have been.  My goal growing up is that I would save my change to purchase ski equipment with.  I bought the boots, but never got around to the actual ski’s and now I really don’t ski enough to purchase my own stuff.  I have all these jugs of change around and I am not sure what to spend it on–until now.

As anyone who knows me knows, I am an avid motorcyclist.  Sure I don’t put in the miles I used to, but having a family will do that to you.  I don’t mind, I love my family, and if my cards are right, I will be touring on two wheels again.  I need a new helmet, and have been looking at Shoei Mulitec’s.  A neat full-face helmet which has a lift-up chin guard, pretty cool.  As like most Shoei gear, they aren’t cheap, 500 bucks.  Now that I can change my coin into an eCert and they will allow me to purchase items in Amazon’s Marketplace, I will cash in my coin for a new helmet.

Basically all I can say is, “Good job Coinstar; you have taken a person who couldn’t stand your service and turned them into a customer.”
No if you can just hook up with some companies so I can buy gas, or rent cars or buy plane tickets.

There is a simple beauty about the the Internet that just keeps me wanting more an more.

Anytime; anytime at all I need to see something, find something, it’s just there, waiting for me.  Want to hear a song, just search for it and there it is.  Just wonderful.  Remember those 80’s videos you watched over and over again, just look in utube, they are there, just wonderful.  Once we get to a superb quality, WooHoo.

It’s just wonderful

TwittEarth Yeah that’s right TwittEarth, a site which shows where on this earth people are twittering from, and what they said.

I guess it’s interesting but, why, WHY?

Ah to have time to do useless programming.

If you have kids, I am sure you are aware on how much they love foamy soap. You know that pump soap which comes out as a foam. They just love to pump the soap….

Well that stuff is expensive and doesn’t seem to last long at all. I discovered a great way to refill to foamy soap dispensers for pennies. Just take a regular refill pump soap and add equal amounts of water to it. That is all there is to it. It will work just fine in your foamy pump dispenser. You may want to play with the soap to water ratio depending on the bulk soap your using.

Happy Washing!

In the coming weeks, perhaps even days, the major water bottlers will boast on their labels that they are “Pharmaceutical Free”.  And of course with this will be an increase in an already expensive product.  To actually remove the pharmaceutical remnants is expensive.  It requires methods like reverse osmosis which doesn’t yield as much water as what was put in the filter.

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